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Choosing the Best HVAC Dealer

Find a heating and cooling dealer who offers comfort solutions that are customized to meet your home, lifestyle and budget needs.

How do I find the best HVAC dealer?

Choosing the Best HVAC Dealer

Choosing the right heating and cooling dealer will determine service, affordability, and product quality. But how can you tell a reputable dealer from an unscrupulous one? Here are some tips:

1.) Ask friends and neighbors for the name of HVAC dealers they trust. If you find an HVAC dealer, ask for referrals from satisfied customers.
2.) Look for an HVAC dealer who provides service and support around your schedule, offering extended or emergency service hours.
3.)Ask your HVAC dealer if technicians are members of North American Technician Excellence, or NATE, a certification and testing organization.
4.) Read warranty and service policies carefully to see how repair is handled for equipment, parts.

How do I know if I'm making the best investment in a new HVAC system?

Dependability, Efficiency Key for HVAC Systems

Your HVAC dealer has met with you and evaluated your home. You received a customized product offer to meet your needs and the needs of your home. It likely will be one of the biggest household product purchases you make. How can you tell if the new heating and cooling system IS the right investment? Here are some qualities to look for in a new HVAC system:

- Dependability. Does the manufacturer have a solid reputation and track record for products and service?
- Energy savings. Is the new HVAC system energy efficient? If it carries the EPA ENERGY STAR label, you know it meets strict efficiency standards.
- Air quality. Make sure the HVAC system will reduce indoor air pollution. With pet dander, household chemicals, dust and smoke, pollution may be highest in your home.
- Climate control. Look for variable speed systems that offer better temperature control.

How can HVAC product newsletters help consumers?

HVAC Newsletters Keep Consumers Informed

Newsletters are a new way for HVAC dealers to stay in touch with customers. The newsletters offer consumer advice and promote new products and services that companies offer. HVAC dealers like the newsletters for moving products and increasing sales, and consumers find them helpful with tips and advice on maintaining and upgrading heating and cooling services.

HVAC companies use the newsletters for seasonal advice on cleaning and maintaining air conditioners and heaters. Homeowners shopping for parts and appliances can scan the newsletters for special offers and sales. In times of rising energy costs, the newsletters alert consumers to new money-saving advances in products and services.

What factors will my contractor consider when sizing a new HVAC system?

Building Design, Insulation Determine HVAC Size

Buy an HVAC unit that matches the cooling and heating capacity of your home or building. Here are some tips to follow when buying a new HVAC unit:
- Make sure the size of your HVAC system is not based solely on your building or home's square footage. Structure design and efficiency also need to be evaluated.
- Replacing an old heating and cooling system requires new sizing calculations. Homes may have new additions or better insulation. Office buildings may have imposed better efficiency measures that reduce cooling needs.
- Expect the contractor to follow industry standards for calculating heating and cooling loads.

Why is it important to choose the right-size HVAC system?

Choose the Right Size for a New HVAC Unit

Ask your HVAC dealer for help choosing a system that meets the heating and cooling demands of your home or building.
Don't expect to replace an old heating and cooling system with a new one the same size. Systems often were oversized in older homes and buildings. Better technology shows that oversized systems don't work as well. They are inefficient, wasting money and energy. Undersized systems work too hard to heat and cool rooms. Either way, poorly sized HVAC units will have more problems and a shorter service life.


HVAC Dealers Offer Customized Package of Products

Ask your HVAC dealer to show you innovative products that don't waste energy or money. The products range from programmable thermostats to high-efficiency furnaces, and when combined and properly installed can save thousands of dollars in lower utility bills over their service life.

Do HVAC dealers offer financing plans so I can afford a new system?

Shop for Competitive Financing Plans

Your HVAC dealer should be able to offer you a competitive financing plan when you purchase a heating and cooling system. But shop around and see who has better offers. Even if you have found the product line and company you trust, perhaps you can negotiate a better financing deal if you present quotes from other companies.
Here are features to look for in financing offers:
1.) Competitive interest rates;
2.) Low monthly payments that fit your budget;
3.) No penalties for paying off your debt early;
4.) Small or no downpayment;
5.) No annual fees.

What kind of service should I expect from my HVAC dealer?

HVAC Dealers Offer Customized Package of Products

Your HVAC dealer should listen to your needs and then take a look at your home. Before recommending products, expect your HVAC dealer to meet with you at home or to send a technician to evaluate your home and duct system. Once that is done, the HVAC dealer will present a customized package of appliances to match the heating and cooling needs of your home and your family. The dealer also should offer to show you a variety of innovative and efficient products as well as less-costly standard appliances and devices.

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