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Clean and Maintain Your Central Air Conditioner

Hire a professional to check and adjust the fan speed on your air handler or furnace. It will keep the unit running efficiently. A professional also can clean the ductwork and make sure seals are airtight.


Where to Locate Your Central Air Conditioner

Where you install the outdoor unit of your cooling system is important for energy savings and efficiency. If you are replacing an old outdoor unit, chances are the indoor unit is just as dated and may need to be updated.


Size Matters When Choosing a Central Air Conditioner

Upgrade to a new cooling system if your current equipment is more than 12 years old. Older models often are oversized, noisier and inefficient.


Combat Air Pollution with HVAC Technology

The EPA phaseout continues for several years, but most new HVAC systems have a lifespan of 30 years or more. Plan ahead when purchasing high-efficiency cooling system. It is important to make sure your new HVAC system can use nonpolluting refrigerants.


Zone Rooms with Different Temperature Settings

End arguments over the AC in your household with a zoning system. This allows for varying temperature settings under one roof. Zoning systems offer more climate control, efficiency and energy savings.


Home HVAC Systems Offer Comfort, Efficiency

Total home comfort is the goal of today's high-performance heating and cooling systems. They offer efficient air circulation, healthier air quality, climate control, and seamless year-round comfort.

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