Dependability, Efficiency Key for HVAC Systems

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How do I know if I'm making the best investment in a new HVAC system?

Dependability, Efficiency Key for HVAC Systems

Your HVAC dealer has met with you and evaluated your home. You received a customized product offer to meet your needs and the needs of your home. It likely will be one of the biggest household product purchases you make. How can you tell if the new heating and cooling system IS the right investment? Here are some qualities to look for in a new HVAC system:

- Dependability. Does the manufacturer have a solid reputation and track record for products and service?
- Energy savings. Is the new HVAC system energy efficient? If it carries the EPA ENERGY STAR label, you know it meets strict efficiency standards.
- Air quality. Make sure the HVAC system will reduce indoor air pollution. With pet dander, household chemicals, dust and smoke, pollution may be highest in your home.
- Climate control. Look for variable speed systems that offer better temperature control.



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