Using a Whole House Fan with A/C

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Why run a whole home cooling fan with A/C?

Using a Whole House Fan with A/C

If your air conditioner needs a boost and you're thinking about using home cooling fans, consider a whole house fan:

  • When it's not very humid and the temperature drops at night, switch off the A/C and turn on a whole house fan to reduce energy costs. You'll get the benefit of breathing fresh air while your house cools.
  • When the temperature is below 85 degrees F, use the whole house fan alone.
  • Whole house fans vent stale air and odors that stay trapped when you use A/C alone.
  • Whole house fans can circulate air between 30 and 60 ACH (air circulations per hour).
  • A timer can be set for your whole house fan to come on at night, but be sure your A/C is off and windows are open.
  • In the past, whole house fans were considered to be noisy. New technology has made fans quieter than ever.
  • Proper installation will keep your fan quiet.
  • Check your ventilation design to be sure that you have enough attic vents for air to escape and enough open windows to replace exhausted air.



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