Things to Know About HVAC

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When it comes to residential HVAC, what does ventilation mean?

Things to Know About HVAC

Here are some basic things to know about residential HVAC:

  • Ventilation is the movement of air in and out of a home or building. Air can be moved by mechanical or natural ventilation.
  • Opening windows and doors is one way to promote natural ventilation.
  • Whole house attic fans (or other fan systems) help provide natural ventilation and cooling.
  • Central A/C, a form of mechanical ventilation, can keep your house cool, but without the benefit of air from open windows.
  • The movement of air inside a home or building from one room to another is called transfer air.
  • The free movement of air around a space or building is called circulating air. Air can be circulated with the help of fans and attic ventilation.
  • The air from outside that replaces indoor air is called supply air.
  • Air that is vented from a home or building is called exhaust air.



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