'Smart' Technology Manages Large HVAC Systems

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What types of technological advances can I expect to see in running HVAC systems.

'Smart' Technology Manages Large HVAC Systems

The new wave in HVAC technology are remote diagnostic and maintenance systems. HVACs increasingly are complex to run and manage, especially systems that cool and heat large buildings or complexes. HVAC breakdowns and repairs can be costly. Traditional repairs by a building's maintenance crew may be inadequate.

Imagine a day when HVACs are monitored and tested by computerized "smart" systems. That day has arrived, with high-rise buildings, large shopping malls, and super-sized complexes using "smart" technology to manage HVAC, security and fire services from a remote location. In the not-too-distant future, service technicians will use Web browsers and handheld devices in the field to help maintain, manage and repair HVAC systems.



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