ENERGY STAR Air Conditioners Offer Energy Savings

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Can an ENERGY STAR air conditioner lower my cooling bills?

ENERGY STAR Air Conditioners Offer Energy Savings

When buying a new air conditioner, consider an ENERGY STAR unit. It will be more efficient and lower energy costs.

Replacing a 10-year-old room air conditioner with a new ENERGY STAR air conditioner can save an average of $14 a month on your electric bill. ENERGY STAR air conditioners use at least 10 percent less energy than conventional models. They often have timers for temperature control. Air conditioners that use less energy produce less pollution and save money on energy costs.

ENERGY STAR air conditioners must meet specific standards on SEER ratings, an industry measure of efficiency. Look for SEER ratings in the high teens. The maximum SEER rating is 20.



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