ENERGY STAR Created as Tool for Consumers

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Why is the ENERGY STAR label important?

ENERGY STAR Created as Tool for Consumers

You've heard neighbors and colleagues marvel at the high efficiency and money savings of their ENERGY STAR appliances. But you may know little about them. The ENERGY STAR label is important to consumers and to the environment.

The ENERGY STAR label makes it easy to identify non-polluting, energy-efficient products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Consumers usually shop for ENERGY STAR appliances when they want to lower monthly utility bills.

The EPA publishes ENERGY STAR booklets on the performance of specific products and the ENERGY STAR label is on most major appliances that meet efficiency standards. They include heating and cooling systems, office equipment, lighting, and home electronics. The EPA recently extended the label to cover commercial and industrial buildings. The cost savings for using ENERGY STAR products is enormous -- an estimated $12 billion in 2005.



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