DIY Tips for Heating With Woodstoves

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How can I keep the air clean when I use a woodstove to heat?

DIY Tips for Heating With Woodstoves

Many Americans who heat homes with furnaces also enjoy the warmth of a woodstove in a great room or kitchen. When heating with a woodstove, keep soot and harmful emissions from indoor air. Here are some DIY heating tips for the safe use of woodstoves:
1.) Make sure the doors fit tightly on your woodstove. If you have an older woodstove, the gaskets on the doors may contain asbestos. If you think they do, check the EPA web site for safe handling of asbestos, or contact a service professional.
2.) Use aged or dried wood in your woodstove. Don't use wood that is chemically treated or pressure-treated.
3.) Follow your owner's manual when starting, stoking and extinguishing the woodstove fire.



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