Easing Energy Costs for Commercial HVAC Systems

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How can I reduce the costs associated with my commercial HVAC system?

Easing Energy Costs for Commercial HVAC Systems

Operating commercial HVAC systems are a big business expense, accounting for 40 to 60 percent of a building's energy use. Here are ways to ease costs and get high-efficiency comfort with HVAC systems:
- Do routine maintenance. Check motors, belts and steam traps; replace filters; and clean coils and boiler heat transfer surfaces.
- Adjust the HVAC systems to match the hours when the building is in use. It may be possible to reduce heating temperatures by 10 to 15 degrees in unoccupied buildings overnight.
- Consider an automated energy management system that will alter indoor air flow and temperature based on the outside climate and building use.
- Conduct an energy audit. Study the use and traffic in your building. Identify the peak hours of heavy use and when the building is unoccupied.



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