Whole House Fan Noise

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What does ventilation pressure have to do with whole house fans?

Whole House Fan Noise

Whole house fans are great energy savers when used alone or with air conditioning. They can be used at night when air conditioning is turned off, or they can be used alone when temperatures are below 85 degrees F. Some say that whole house fans are effective but noisy. Here is some information about whole house fans and noise:

  • Quality whole house fans are built to run quietly.
  • A small, fast-spinning fan will make more noise than a large fan that runs at a lower speed.
  • A belt-driven blade fan absorbs motor vibration that can be transferred to the fan blade. They cost more because of the extra workmanship, but they are much quieter than direct-drive blade fans. They are more powerful, they last longer, and maintenance is easier.
  • Install your fan with rubber mounting or foam strips to keep it from clanging inside the walls.
  • Buy high-quality shutters. They're heavier to prevent vanes from opening and closing over and over again.
  • A heavy fan will stay in place by the force of its weight.
Before buying a whole house fan, be sure to get the right fit:

  • Buy the right to suit the size of your home or building.
  • The ventilation pressure from a whole house fan is discharged through the attic. There has to be enough attic ventilation to handle the amount of exhaust generated.



6/28/2011 7:16:39 PM
Nanda said:

We had gotten a whole house fan that was very loud. In a previous house we had one that was not loud so we knew they did not have to be. The biggest problem was a loud rattle. From the inside, I did some shimming between the housing and our ceiling which helped some. The BIGGEST help was when I got the idea to tape a paint stirring stick to the attic side of the shutters. Voila, no rattle and I can sleep with the fan on. I think any lightweight, but sturdy stick would work. I used package tape to tape the sticks to the shutters.


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