Whole House Fans to Save Money

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Why use whole house air movement fans?

Whole House Fans to Save Money

Using a whole house fan, or air movement fan, is a simple, inexpensive, and efficient way to cool a house or building. Whole house fans draw cool air inside and exhaust hot air outdoors through attic fan vents. A whole house fan can provide excellent ventilation and evaporative cooling to the entire house, with or without central air conditioning.

A two-ton central air conditioner costs about 20 cents per hour to run; it costs 17 cents to run window units. Whole house fans cost only five cents per hour to run. Consider installing one to save on energy costs. At night, when outdoor air is cool, turn off the A/C, open some windows, and run the fan. A whole house fan can take the place of air conditioning in spring and early fall. Take advantage of fresh, outdoor ventilation for a healthier and less expensive way to cool.



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