Explosion Proof Fans are Explosion and Spark Resistant

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What is there to know about explosion proof blowers?

Explosion Proof Fans are Explosion and Spark Resistant

Industries that work with grain, chemicals, ammunition, paints, fibers, fuel, explosives, particles, and dust are required to use explosion proof blowers and exhaust fans to stay in compliance and to keep workers safe. The term explosion proof may be misleading—these fans are actually considered spark and explosion resistant. The protective housing of an explosion proof fan can reduce the likelihood of a fire or explosion, but it cannot guarantee to prevent an accident from happening.

Explosion proof fans are made so that an explosion within the motor will be contained within the motor. The motor has to be selected for the right atmosphere; otherwise it can actually cause an explosion. It's very important to select the right fans and use a reliable fan industrial fan company to ensure that you receive the proper equipment.

Check with local, state, and federal regulating agencies about health and safety guidelines for industrial operations.



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