Explosion Proof Fans Construction

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What is there to know about explosion proof blower fans?

Explosion Proof Fans Construction

An explosion proof fan (or hazardous exhaust fan) is an industrial fan that helps to prevent fires and combustion in settings where certain forms of gases, dust, particles, and/or vapors are present. Typical industrial blower fans and industrial ventilation fans are manufactured with metal blades and housing units. Since sparks can ignite in the presence of metal, dust, and/or flames, it's important to use explosion proof equipment to prevent fires and explosions.

Explosion proof fans come in three types:

  • Type A - A fans are made completely of aluminum or brass (nonferrous metals).
  • Type B - B fan wheels and rubbing rings are made of nonferrous metals.
  • Type C - C fan plates are made of nonferrous metals.
Which type of commercial fans is right for you will depend on the ambient location and/or application severity. Be sure to do the research on the type of fan that will keep your employees safe.



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