Paint Booths and Explosion Proof Fans

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What is there to know about explosion proof ventilation fans?

Paint Booths and Explosion Proof Fans

Explosion-proof ventilation fans cost more than axial fans, but they offer the safest form of cooling for commercial and industrial applications. They should be used in any environment where gases, dust, and vapors are present in concentrated enough amounts to ignite or combust.

Paint booths (spray booths), in particular, generate fumes that can combust, damage the environment, and/or make a people sick. Explosion proof exhaust fans help filter paint fumes and reduce the likelihood of an explosion. Here are some tips about paint booth exhaust and safety:

  • Obtain a permit from local EPA or public health authorities.
  • Be sure the explosion proof exhaust system is in working order and there is a supply of fresh air to the booth or to the person operating the booth.
  • Keep extension cords away from the paint booth.
  • All appliances connected to the paint booth must be explosion proof. That includes lighting, wiring, and the electrical panel.
  • Check and change filters according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Pay careful attention to the manufacturer's instructions about the use of a respirator.



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