Two-Stage Swamp Coolers

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What is a two-stage swamp cooler air conditioner?

Two-Stage Swamp Coolers

Swamp cooler air conditioner technology, in the simplest form, has been used for centuries in arid climates to keep people cool. It's no wonder there continue to be advances in this simple yet effective form of cooling. A two-stage evaporative cooler is one of the newest, making cooling in the extremes of dry heat a breeze.

Two-stage swamp coolers do not produce as much humidity as a standard swamp cooler. A pre-cooler (heat exchanger) is used to cool warm air. The pre-cooled air is passed through a damp pad, blowing cool air into targeted spaces. Humidity is lower with a two-stage unit because pre-cooled air doesn't retain as much moisture as warm air.

Two-stage coolers can produce cool air with a relative humidity of 50 to 70 percent, whereas regular swamp coolers produce cool air with a relative humidity of about 80 percent. They use fresh, outdoor air at varied speeds to provide cooling, using only 25 percent of the energy it takes to run a central air conditioning unit.



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