Swamp Cooler Tips

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What is there to know about swamp coolers?

Swamp Cooler Tips

Here are a few things you should know about swamp coolers:

  • It is not recommended to use a swamp cooler (or evaporative cooler) and a central air conditioner (or window unit) together. It creates a drain on energy, since windows need to be open for a swamp cooler to work. Use one method or the other.
  • Swamp coolers work best in hot, arid climates.
  • Swamp coolers work more efficiently during the hottest parts of the day.
  • An evaporative cooling unit with the right cooling capacity can make central air conditioning unnecessary.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your swamp cooler to keep it in working order. Change or clean filters and pads according the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Look for swamp coolers that have water filtration to remove impurities.
  • For small spaces, a portable evaporative cooler can provide effective cooling.
  • Find a reliable dealer of swamp coolers who can help size a cooler to your application.



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