Types of Evaporative Coolers

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What are the different types of evaporative coolers?

Types of Evaporative Coolers

There are a few different types of evaporative coolers. Here are some of them:

  • Some models are set up to blow air directly into a room. This works well in small areas that need cooling or small houses with open floor plans.
  • Ducted coolers are set up to blow air into ductwork, where cool air travels to rooms (much like a central A/C system). Ducted systems work in larger houses and buildings where multiple areas need cooling.
  • Down-flow evaporative coolers are installed on the roof of a house or building.
  • Ground-mounted units are standard. They make maintenance easy by being at ground level and prove less risky when it comes to water supply leaks.
  • Portable, horizontal flow units can be mounted in a window to provide cooling for a small area.
  • Portable evaporative coolers have wheels for convenience.



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