Evaporative Cooling for Industrial Applications

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How are swamp cooler air conditioners used in industrial applications?

Evaporative Cooling for Industrial Applications

Industrial evaporative cooling (or swamp cooling) might be the answer if you're looking for an efficient way to cool large spaces at minimum cost. This Freon-free method of cooling uses only 25 percent of the energy it takes to run central air conditioning. In arid climates (where humidity is below 30 percent), it makes sense to use a swamp cooler air conditioner over central A/C. If you are considering evaporative cooling for your commercial or industrial application, here are some options:

  • Portable evaporative coolers use the same evaporative technology as standard units, but they can be used anywhere.
  • Evaporative cooling towers are heat removal systems that cool water for use in industrial and air conditioning processes. They are generally used in large, industrial operations and save time, energy, and money.
  • Ducted evaporative coolers make it possible to cool a building from a single cooler unit. They work by pushing cooled air into ducts, then into individual rooms. Ducted evaporative cooling is less expensive than central air conditioning and allows building occupants to breathe fresh air.
  • Misting systems provide extra cooling by spraying a cooling micro-mist of water on targeted areas. They are often used in zoos, livestock facilities, veterinary clinics, greenhouses, kennels, and recreation areas.



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