Energy Savings for Homeowners

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How can homeowners save energy with oscillating floor fans?

Energy Savings for Homeowners

There are lots of small, easy changes you can make in your home to save you money in the long run. Here are some ways you can save money on home energy bills:

  • Install spot exhaust in bathrooms and kitchens to remove heat, humidity, and odors.
  • Use oscillating floor fans, ceiling fans, or wall mounted fans to boost A/C, or use fans as a cost-effective way to cool with the benefit of open windows and doors.
  • Install a whole house fan. Use in conjunction with A/C or alone. For use with A/C, run a whole house fan at night (turn off the A/C first) when outdoor air is cool.
  • If you aren't running A/C, open windows and doors to allow cross-ventilation.
  • Use curtains, blinds, and/or protective awnings to block heat and light from entering through windows.
  • Install trees, shrubbery, or fencing to provide shade.
  • Insulate the attic.
  • Roof with light colors to reflect light.



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