Noisy Fans

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What can I do about air circulating fan noise?

Noisy Fans

An air circulating fan can offer savings to homeowners, businesses, and industries by cooling without the high cost of A/C. They are a cost-effective solution to the heat, but the noise associated with fans can be distracting. Excess noise can cause discomfort, irritability, and poor concentration.

One way to reduce noise is to replace old, outdated fans with newer models that have a sone rating. A sone is a measure of noise. The noise from a household refrigerator is equal to one sone, so a fan with a sone rating of one would be a very quiet fan. Fans rated under one sone are ideal.

Fans can also produce excess noise with faulty installation or lack of maintenance. Loose fittings, the absence of lubrication, accumulated dust, and faulty ductwork can be the cause of fan noise. A noisy fan is an unintended signal that it could become a fire hazard.

Make an investment in newer, quieter fans to help occupants feel comfortable and productive.



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