Circulating Fan Basics

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What is there to know about circulator fans?

Circulating Fan Basics

You have plenty of circulator fan options, and different ones will fill different needs. Before buying a circulator fan, know the basics:

  • Circulating fans make people feel more comfortable in hot rooms.
  • Thermostats can be set four degrees higher when fan cooling is used (that gives a 6 to 9 percent energy savings).
  • Get the right fan size for your application. Fans are sized according to square-footage and blade span. Measure your space before you buy.
  • In large open spaces, more than one fan or a combination of different types of fans can help cool efficiently.
  • If you're using a home ceiling fan with reversible blades, set fan blades to rotate counter-clockwise to cool in warm rooms. In winter, set fan blades to turn clockwise to circulate warm air.
  • A high velocity fan is constructed of metal and is much more powerful than a standard floor fan.



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