More for the Bottom Line with Circulating Fans

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How can circulation fans save a business or industry money?

More for the Bottom Line with Circulating Fans

Circulating fans not only reduce heating and cooling costs, they also reduce harmful greenhouse emissions. Fans cool with less than 10 percent of the energy of A/C when used alone. When used to boost A/C, fans provide substantial energy savings. The combination of comfortable, productive employees and fewer dollars spent on heating and cooling bills can make all the difference when it comes to your bottom line.

Air circulator fans come in a variety of sizes and styles to match many applications. They can be portable or permanently installed. Use them with A/C to move air more efficiently and keep energy bills down. Used alone, they make an efficient way to cool with the benefit of fresh air from open windows and doors. Fans can also be used with heaters to keep warm air from accumulating at ceiling-level.

One way for commercial enterprises and industries to save money is to install circulation fans. An air circulating fan is any axial propeller fan that creates a wind-chill effect. They can be floor or wall-mounted to improve the overall air supply by moving air around a room or building. When air is moved, people feel cooler, making them more alert, more productive, and less likely to make mistakes.



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