Humidity May Result From Problems with Air Quality System

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Why is our office building too humid?

Humidity May Result From Problems with Air Quality System

If your office building or retail store is too humid, the problem may be the commercial HVAC system. Identify potential causes of a poorly functioning air system:
* Is the system well-maintained? Clean dirty coils, which reduce cooling and dehumidification. Clogged pans may hold standing water. Leaks in the mechanical system let moisture enter the building.
* Is the indoor air quality system being operated properly? Make sure the cooling fans run at a moderate speed. Sometimes air velocity is set too high, because spaces are not adequately cooled. But this may cause higher humidity levels.
* Is the HVAC unit too large or too small for the building space? Poorly sized commercial HVAC systems will not dehumidify the environment well and may allow unhealthy mold to grow.

Contact a professional to make system upgrades or add dehumidification equipment.



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