Turn Off the Air Conditioner at Night to Save Money

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Will I save money by switching off the AC at night?

Turn Off the Air Conditioner at Night to Save Money

It may be cheaper to shut off your air conditioner at night, if your house has good ventilation and the outdoor temperature cools down. Switch the AC back on during the day. Make sure you close all windows and doors to the outside. It may take some time to bring the indoor temperature to the setting you want, especially on hot mornings. Another way to save money is to keep the air conditioner on but set the thermostat at higher temperature, say 80 degrees.



12/5/2011 6:04:19 AM
Tim Engelsma said:

Hi I am a part owner a of heating and cooling company and we almost always recommend against doing this. By opening the windows at night you let all the humidity back in that the central a/c system has worked most of the day removing. Since humidity is is the hardest to remove and takes the most time you just make the central a/c work harder and cost you more. Also the less humidity the cooler you feel. So by keeping the windows shut and leaving the air on you are actually more efficient.


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