Are Rooms Too Hot or Cold? Ask for a Home Evaluation

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What should I do about an HVAC system that doesn't seem to work well in a couple of rooms?

Are Rooms Too Hot or Cold? Ask for a Home Evaluation

If one or two rooms are unusually hot or cold in your home, you may need an HVAC contractor to identify the problem. The contractor can do an in-home evaluation and will use diagnostic equipment to understand the problems. Here are questions to ask the contractor who reviews your heating and cooling system:
1.) Is the heating and cooling system operating properly?
2.) Are ducts well sealed?
3.) Is air being distributed throughout the house?
4.) Are there areas of high humidity or moisture buildup?
5.) Does the home's insulation seem adequate?

A variety of problems can cause certain rooms in your house to overheat or get too cold. That is why it is a good idea to call a specialist. Your HVAC system may be the problem and need repairs. Your home may have inadequate insulation. The contractor should check every room, from the basement to the attic.



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