HVAC Contractors Offer Yearly Maintenance

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What does an annual HVAC checkup involve?

HVAC Contractors Offer Yearly Maintenance

Ask your HVAC contractor to check your heating and cooling system annually. It's a good idea to schedule an appointment in the spring or fall, ahead of peak seasons for running HVAC systems. Summers and winters also are peak times for HVAC contractors to work, and their schedules fill fast. The following is a thorough list for an HVAC system checkup:
* Check thermostat settings.
* Review electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors.
* Lubricate all moving parts.
* Check and clean the drain.
* Make sure the system starts and shuts off properly.
* Clean air conditioning coils.
* Check and refresh refrigerant levels.
* Clean blower parts.
* Check all gas (or oil) connections.
* Clean or change air filters.



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