HVAC Contractors Need to Seek Quality Partners

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What should HVAC contractors consider before partnering with HVAC manufacturers?

HVAC Contractors Need to Seek Quality Partners

Independent HVAC contractors need to partner with heating and cooling makers that offer quality products and solid support. HVAC manufacturers that are not trustworthy or reliable will hurt small business owners and independent service contractors. Here are some tips to follow when seeking HVAC contractors:

* Find companies that provide online access to technical information, service manuals, maintenance resources and installation guides.
* Consider partnering with manufacturers that have a record of reliability.
* Partner with HVAC makers that offer standard appliances as well as high-efficiency ENERGY STAR products. This gives your customers more options.
* Avoid products that require a lot of extra work to install. Overly complicated units may need a lot of extra work to repair as well.
* Ask about access and ease to ordering. The last thing you need is to waste time waiting on a product, or to have to make excuses when a product is not available.
* Make sure regional distribution centers are near or located in the areas you serve.
* Check out the customer service. What are the hours of availability? How long do you have to wait on the phone for assistance?



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