Independent Consultants Evaluate HVAC Systems

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What should I do about my aging office HVAC system?

Independent Consultants Evaluate HVAC Systems

Does your building have an aging HVAC system? Are you worried that you will soon need to replace it, but lack the expertise to make the best decisions? Business owners need to find solutions they can afford while ensuring the comfort and health of workers and the public.

Upgrading or buying a new HVAC system is a major investment. Maintaining and keeping your system running properly also costs a lot. You may want to consider
an independent evaluation of your current HVAC equipment and its operation.

HVAC contractors and dealers can put you in contact with independent consultants and industry experts in HVAC audits and evaluations. It's an expense that may save you thousands of dollars in operation costs and repairs. Look for a certified consultant to conduct the evaluation, report on systems operations, and offer detailed recommendations. A major member organization of certified consultants is NATE, or the North American Technician Excellence Inc.



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