Air Cleaners Get Rid of Unhealthy Particles and Gases

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What is the role of air cleaners in commercial indoor air quality systems?

Air Cleaners Get Rid of Unhealthy Particles and Gases

Air cleaners are a critical component of commercial HVAC systems. It helps to know the types of air cleaners, as well as their benefits and limitations.

All air cleaners require cleaning and filter replacement. For commercial buildings, choose high efficiency air cleaners that can handle a lot of air. There are different types of air cleaners for different functions: furnace filters, electronic air cleaners and ion generators, to name a few.

Mechanical filters remove particles from the air. Flat mechanical filters collect large particles. Pleated filters such as HEPA filters collect smaller particles. Electronic air cleaners and ion generators use an electronic charge to zap airborne particles. Be aware that these devices may also produce unhealthy ozone. Dome air cleaners remove polluting gases from the air. They use special material, such as activated charcoal, for cleaning gaseous pollutants.



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