Plant an Evergreen and Reduce Heating Costs Naturally

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Will proper landscaping shield my home from winter winds?

Plant an Evergreen and Reduce Heating Costs Naturally

Reduce heating costs the natural way. Plant trees and shrubs that provide your home protection from the wind. These plantings are commonly referred to as windbreaks. Effective windbreaks lower the wind chill around your home. As trees and shrubs grow, costs to heat your home will go down.

Here's what you need to know and do to plant a windbreak:
* Find out which types of protective trees and shrubs grow best in the climate where you live.
* Keep in mind the mature height of the trees and shrubs when planting a windbreak, and allow enough room for their growth.
* A general rule of thumb is to plant evergreens and shrubs on the north and northwest side of your home for the best protection from cold winds.
* Plant trees, bushes, and shrubs close together to block wind from ground level to the treetops.
* Landscaping your yard with evergreens and a wall or fence may block the wind or lift it over your home. Shrubs next to your home will keep away snowdrifts.
* Don't plant evergreens on the south side of your home, if you want the sun's warmth for heat, especially in the winter.



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