Indoor Air Quality Creates a Better Shopping Environment

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Can an efficient heating and cooling system bring customers to my shop?

Indoor Air Quality Creates a Better Shopping Environment

No one wants to linger in a building that is too cold or stuffy in the winter, or that feels clammy in the summer. Here are some tips for achieving the optimal environment for customers:
- Make sure you have the right size heating and cooling system for your shop. The tendency of business owners may be to buy an oversized unit to keep up with the heavy use of a store or other commercial building. In reality, an oversized system will cycle on and off frequently, and can damage a facility or its products.
- Don't let employees open windows or prop open doors, which can freeze pipes or cause moisture buildup in the winter.
- Restaurant and grocery store owners need to make sure that heating and cooling systems can handle the use of stoves, freezers and refrigerators. Cover freezer cases when the store closes at night.
- Consider investing in high-efficiency commercial air quality systems that are more effective at dehumidifying the air.



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