Central Air Conditioners Cool, Clean and Circulate Air

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How do central air conditioners work?

Central Air Conditioners Cool, Clean and Circulate Air

It makes sense to know how a cooling system works. Understanding basic functions of central air conditioners help you make better choices when purchasing and maintaining them. They cool, clean and circulate the air.

Central air conditioners remove heat and dehumidify, or take away moisture from the air. They also have air filters for removing dust and other particles. Warm indoor air passes over a very cold coil that removes the heat and moisture. Lowering the humidity level makes the air temperature more comfortable. Moisture removed from the air collects in a pan underneath the indoor coil, and is sent to a house drain. The unit's blower circulates the air, while refrigerant inside the coil cools it, and the outdoor compressor transfers heat from inside the home to the outside.



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