Efficiency and Energy Savings Key to Home Heating

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What types of home heating services are available?

Efficiency and Energy Savings Key to Home Heating

Home heating bills can run $600 or more each winter. Better insulation and changing your furnace filter monthly can help lower costs. But if your heating system is old and expensive to operate, it may make sense to invest in high-efficiency home heating systems that do not waste energy or money. Check out these cost-saving features in home heating services:
* Fully insulated furnaces, which provide quiet and efficient operation.
* Two-stage operation, which enables the furnace to run at an energy-saving low speed most of the time. Temperatures don't need to drop considerably for the heat to switch on.
* Low-speed fan that continuously keeps warm air flowing throughout your home.
* Variable-speed humidity control to manage the flow of heated and cooled air throughout your home.



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