Innovative Features Offer Cooling Efficiency

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What kind of home cooling services are on the market?

Innovative Features Offer Cooling Efficiency

Some Americans refuse to use air conditioning in their home, even as they swelter through another summer. Their image of an air conditioner is a noisy window unit that makes the air feel clammy indoors and drips water outside. Today's AC is not your grandmother's room air conditioner. Check out these new features:
* High-efficiency units. They lower monthly cooling bills and waste less energy. Look for air conditioners with the ENERGY STAR label, and a high SEER rating. Both are industry standards for efficient energy use.
* Non-polluting Freon, or refrigerant. It's now possible to buy environmentally responsible, chlorine-free refrigerant that provides cooling comfort but does not harm the environment.
* Direct-drive fans. They reduce the noise of outdoor condensers for central air conditioners.
* Programmable thermostats. Preset the thermostat to match the hours you are home or away. Set the thermostat to a warmer temperature to save money on cooling services when no one is home. Program the temperature to start cooling 15 minutes or a half-hour before you are due home.



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