Air Quality, Noise Affect Home Comfort

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What kind of features should I look for in a home comfort system?

Air Quality, Noise Affect Home Comfort

When shopping for home cooling and heating services, look for these features for optimal comfort and savings:

1.) Home climate control. High-efficiency devices include zoned heating by rooms and programmable thermostats set to match your schedule.
2.) Efficiency. Energy savings result from high-efficiency systems sized and installed correctly in your home. Invest in the highest efficiency system you can afford for the greatest energy savings. Ask the service professional to calculate your home's cooling and heating load to get the proper fit for your new system. An over-sized or undersized system wastes money and needs repairs.
3.) Air quality. Air pollution levels often are highest inside homes. A quality heating and cooling system will dehumidify and filter the air to reduce moisture and prevent mold and other pollutants.
4.) Noise reduction. You want to relax at home, and not hear the radiator clang or the air conditioner drone. Shop for home comfort systems that provide quiet and efficient methods for cooling and heating.



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