ENERGY STAR Label: Symbol for Efficiency

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Will buying ENERGY STAR appliances save me money?

ENERGY STAR Label: Symbol for Efficiency

Buying ENERGY STAR products saves money on utility bills and protects the environment. ENERGY STAR is a government-backed guarantee that the appliance you buy meets strict efficiency standards. That's a big plus for households with heating and cooling systems, which are big energy users.

The EPA says that if one in 10 households bought ENERGY STAR heating and cooling products, the change would keep 17 billion pounds of pollution out of the air.
ENERGY STAR products include thermostats, boilers, heat pumps and air conditioners, among other items. You pay a little more upfront, but can save thousands of dollars in utility bills over the service life of the product.

Homeowners can do their part to keep ENERGY STAR products running efficiently. Hire qualified professionals to size and install heating and cooling systems.



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