Furnaces and Flues Can Emit Harmful Gases

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How can I make sure heating equipment does not emit pollution?

Furnaces and Flues Can Emit Harmful Gases

The indoor air flowing through your house may be the source of harmful pollution, if you do not do regular maintenance of heating equipment. Furnaces, flues and chimneys can emit harmful, even deadly, gases and toxins. Here are some tips to follow for keeping the air you breathe inside your home fresh:

- Follow instructions from the owner's manual for changing and cleaning air filters. If you do not have the owner's manual, change filters monthly, or at least twice each winter.
- Vent furnaces to the outdoors. If you have concerns, check with the Indoor Air Quality INFO Clearinghouse on the EPA's web site. It offers helpful advice for maintaining home heating equipment.
- Contact a service professional if you cannot do your own maintenance or have concerns about your heating system.



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