Set a Goal to Reduce Energy Use by Ten Percent

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What basic steps can I take to cut energy costs in my building?

Set a Goal to Reduce Energy Use by Ten Percent

Your commercial HVAC system is probably your biggest energy consumer. But regular tuneups may cut your energy bill by 5 percent. If a major problem is found, your savings can be more. Take simple maintenance steps like inspecting cooling and heating equipment monthly, and performing routine maintenance:
- In the summer, set the thermostat at a higher level, or turn off the cooling system when your building is not in use.
- Don't let small repairs pile up and items go unchecked. Clean outdoor condensing units, which can get clogged with dirt and dust that block air flow. When the compressor works harder to discharge hot air, it increases energy costs.
- Inspect heating and cooling ducts for leaks, which can waste a lot of energy. Clean or replace air filters. Calibrate thermostats.
- Get the EPA's free online tool for tracking the energy use in your building. The National Energy Performance Rating System scores buildings on a scale of 1 to 100.



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