Automated Systems Control HVAC Costs

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What is an energy management system?

Automated Systems Control HVAC Costs

Control energy costs by automating your commercial HVAC system with an energy management system. The system also is known as a building automation system (BAS), and may integrate other building services, such as security and fire prevention:
* Use an energy management system to track building traffic and find the best time of day to start cooling a building and maintaining a desired temperature.
* Ask about Web browser interfaces, a recent innovation in energy management systems. The interfaces allow for easy-to-use centralized management of HVAC systems and other services for buildings at different locations.
* Define your goals for an energy management system, then do research on the Internet for information and resources. The future seems limitless for automating energy efficiency in building services.

Currently, a third of U.S. buildings -- all greater than 100,000 square feet -- use these automated systems. Estimates are they can save at least 10 percent of overall building energy consumption. The savings are even more for buildings that lack efficient HVAC systems. In addition to saving energy, these systems may also reduce the costs of overall building maintenance.



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