Tools and Books Offer Advice on HVAC Systems

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What publications and computer programs can help with our HVAC needs?

Tools and Books Offer Advice on HVAC Systems

Get advice and help when investing in a commercial HVAC system. Learn about new technologies that allow companies to save thousands of dollars in energy costs.
Here are some publications and software tools for assisting businesses in choosing the best HVAC systems for their needs:
* ASHRAE is the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The association publishes four handbooks on HVAC systems.
* APACHE is a program that analyzes buildings' energy loads and uses. The Applications Program for Air-Conditioning and Heating Engineers also provides simulations of HVAC systems.
* BTU Analysis Plus is a program that calculates heat loads and does heat load studies of commercial buildings.
* Energy Trainer for Energy Managers HVAC Module offers four hours of training on improving energy efficiency with commercial HVAC systems.



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